Podcasts are a growing and very popular corporate media in the world, but we in Finland have so far received very little attention. Podcasts have hundreds of millions of regular listeners worldwide and the number is growing all the time.

According to a recent study commissioned by RadioMedia ry, already 29 per cent of Finns aged 15-64 listen to podcasts every month, and the listening is mostly in the evening. RadioMedia's survey is the first extensive survey on listening to podcasts in Finland.

The best part about audio podcasts is definitely that listening to them is not tied to time or place. Unlike videos that require concentration to watch, podcasts can also be listened to along with other things to do.

So if you have a story that you would like to make people aware, you might want to consider making your own audio podcast.

It allows you to build your brand, strengthen your position as an expert, gain visitors to your blog and website, and also gather visitor contact information for your own email list. The podcast is suitable for both b 2 b and b 2 c companies.

Our professionals will help you make a podcast from script to execution. With our help, podcast production does not require a large budget, but with less than two thousand euros, a lot can be achieved.